Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Young, Sophisticated Make-over?

So, time for a fun totally unlike my normal blog topics post!

I am about to start my professional job as a middle school teacher.  I want to look put together and professional when I teach but also my age.  I don’t want to dress like I’m thirty-something when I’m only 23, but I still want parents to respect my education and expertise.  So who can I look to for inspiration?

How about my one of my favorite actresses? I am reminded of Ms. Anne Hathaway’s wardrobe in Bride Wars.  When I watched that movie, I remember thinking, “Huh, she totally has my sense of style, she just actually dresses like she knows what the hell she’s doing.”  And funny enough, she plays a teacher in that film.  So I have realized that this is a great place to start.  Her clothing is all very teacher appropriate and yet still young looking.   I think this would be a good style for me to head towards.  So I’m looking for layers!  Cardigans over dresses like the above picture that mix bright and neutral tones are perfect for the workplace.greendress

And then there is this nice little green number.  Look familiar to anyone?  I definitely have a red trench dress just like this!  I need a good bag for sure to mature my look a bit.

Then of course, I want to update my casual look as well.  I’m tired of looking sloppy.  So I want to start bluecasualmaking sure I buy clothes that actually fit and show off my figure.  I may have had a baby but I am still hot stuff!

The main problem here is finding bright jewel tones! 

I’m so sick of all of the browns and camels and grays that are all over the place at stores like Anne Taylor or Loft.  They generally have one jewel tone item and that is just not enough to fill a wardrobe!  So maybe shopping will actually take some time, but I want to look professional.

Now some of these looks are borderline the age range I am looking at.  So how does one make Anne Hathaway’s style younger? They mix in some Emma Watson of course!

Hello, Young and Fabulous!


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  1. man emma watson is hot! I want her hair! lol ya know, we could sign you up for what not to wear and you could get $5000 for a wardrobe makeover!