Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Score One for the Naturals!

Doc found this article this morning!  Read Here  That’s right!  Vaginal birth after C-Section is preferred for most women now.  Thanks ACOG.  Nice of you to catch up to the research.  Better late than never, but this is great news for women who have had C-sections and previously believed that an additional C-section was the only option they had if they became pregnant again.  I’m so excited as this means sometime in the future we might really see a change in the rate of VBACs (Vaginal Birth after Cesarean).  Previously, the only way most women could have a VBAC is homebirth, and it’s also one of the times I fully believe a hospital is the best place for a woman in labor.  So this gives some moms more options and hopefully will lead to more changes in favor of woman’s health that is research supported. 

This is awesome for woman wanting natural birth because I'm pretty sure it's hard to have an unmedicated c-section....like impossible.  So yay!


  1. That is exciting. I was reading about that on The Bump and its a very vocal topic!

  2. The Bump? You have got it bad :)

  3. If you watch some of the more recent baby shows, you see a lot of that now. The great thing is so many women are adament about having the VBAC that I think the doctors had to reevaluate :). I'm glad there are ladies out there who have been fighting for our rights to that choice!