Friday, July 23, 2010

Friendmade Heaven

I love having items in our home made by either us or by friends.  One of my sorority sisters has really taken up quilting and her quilts are BEAUTIFUL!  You can check them out at Color Crazy. So with my daughter moving to a toddler bed on her 1st birthday, we asked her to make a quilt for us for Evelyn.  She’s going to make a quilt that matches the things already in Evelyn’s room!  She has a long list of projects, so we’re helping her out by giving her a lot of advance so she can get to the project before Christmas.  That’s right, I start shopping in June.  It’s a secret to finding great gifts.
So, Evelyn’s walls are a cream color and we can’t change that.  So we’ve made sure to brighten it up with bright colors.  Here are some of the things in her room right now.The pictures are slightly duller due to the fact that Evelyn was sleeping when I took them so I didn’t turn the lights on.
 IMG_1853IMG_1855 IMG_1854

 We’re going to add birds and a tree and pictures to the walls as well to make all of the colors really pop so that the room is bright and fun to explore.


  1. Do you want to include all those colors? Mostly the ones from the art work? More like from the curtians? Where are they from btw? I'll try to get a better idea of color if I can find them!

  2. The curtains are from Target I believe. I think closer to the curtains would work best. I wouldn't mind a pink/orange emphasis since so much of her stuff is gender neutral it would be nice to girl her up a little.