Monday, November 29, 2010

Owasso Tree Farm Outing

Nothing says the holidays like…


Picking out a REAL Christmas Tree from a local tree farm!  You know, where the trees go for miles and you pick one and hack it down and take it home on your car top -

Where the sweet smell of pine or spruce linger in your home, and soft white lights dance in the needles and across your walls-

BUT, we have no where to put a tree.  So nothing says the holidays like….

Going to the Owasso Tree Farm, looking at all the trees, and then picking out a totally bad ass wreath to go on your front door.

The Owasso Christmas Tree Farm has wreaths, garlands, trees, and tons of ornaments and decorations.  It is also just a beautiful place to look around.  We got a wreath last year from this farm as well.


Hurray Traditions!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Giving Thanks

If you have been present for one of my many “Reasons Why Thanksgiving is a Pretentious Holiday that Furthers a Great Lie in History” rants, you are well aware that I hate the historical aspect of Thanksgiving because it is based on a fallacy. 

However, I am completely supportive of a holiday that gives us all time to pause, reflect, and realize how truly blessed we are in our lives.  Very few of us have more than very little to complain about.  We have a great many things to be grateful for.

This year, I have been most grateful for my husband.  We continue to grow and change.  But as we do, we continue to love and accept one another.  We are wonderful partners in life, and I am thankful for the fact that we are more in love now than ever.  We still crave time with one another and savor the moments we get. 

Also, I am thankful for my daughter.  Nothing – and I mean 
nothing – fixes your day like a hug from a daughter who loves you and a smile to show you that she thinks the world of you.  It reminds you constantly that you have been blessed beyond belief and your life pretty much rocks.

The last one I will mention, to keep this from being an epic post, is that I am thankful for my job.  I get to go to work everyday knowing that what I do has an impact on the lives of many.  I know that I am where I am supposed to be, doing what I was meant to do in life.

Family is extremely special to me.  I was so thankful that yesterday we were able to spend time with not only my side of the family, but Doc’s family was kind enough to have us over as well! 

I “head chef-ed” for my family’s feast – but my Mom, Evelyn and I dawned our aprons and got to work!  

Being head chef meant I got to carve the turkey this year!  I had to learn how to do all the holiday food jobs in case I am alone in the kitchen somewhere like Casper next year!

But it doesn’t mean that I got out of my oldest job ever – stirring the gravy.  I have been doing this job since I started helping with Thanksgiving.  But my sister will be passed the whisk this Christmas season.

It was pretty stinking tasty if I do say so myself!  I wish I had pictures from our time with both families, but I was enjoying myself too much to remember the camera!
I hope all of you enjoyed your holiday as well!
Did anyone try new recipes?  Learn a new holiday trick?  Eat way too much of something?

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Jake Kamden is my Hero :)

He’s here!  Jake was born Monday!  Here is one of the first pictures of the new little family! 


I’m so proud of my brother and love him and his family so much.  I am heading down to visit my new nephew as soon as possible.

Welcome to our family baby Jake.  You will have a life filled with love.

To my brother and sister (the in law is optional) -

You will be incredible parents.  I love you both and our family is so proud of you.  Happy baby :) 

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Holiday Parade

Despite being attached to the Tulsa Metroplex, Jenks is actually one of those little towns that clings to its small town charm events.

For example: ParadesIMG_2593

We went to the Holiday Parade in downtown Jenks yesterday to watch my little sisters march along side their girl scout troops.




Well, one marched.  The other got distracted easily and then had to sprint to catch back up.


And my mom was bringing up the rear, handing out candy.





Little Bird was not entirely sure what to think of the parade, but did like waving at the people as they passed by.



She may be walking.  She may not use bottles anymore.  She may be almost one year old.  But she still LOVES being carried around in the tummy carrier.  Especially when it’s Doc whose doing the carrying.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A Day in the Park

Last week, Doc and I took Little Bird to Woodward Park in Midtown Tulsa.  I love Midtown.  I would move back to that area of town in a heartbeat!  Woodward is a gorgeous park and one we frequent as a family.

Little Bird loves to swing there or run by the trees or play chase with Doc and I.  We also watch the squirrels!  But last week was a special occasion!!!

Little Bird is turning 1 next month!  That’s right!  It is really almost here!  So we took our darling daughter down to the park for some pictures.


We wanted some pictures for her birthday party invitations, so first she ran around in her cute birthday outfit!



Then it was time for a costume change!  Into her Fowlington wear for family pictures!





Well, minus the bow.

But the photographer did an incredible job of capturing casual family pictures!


Doc and Little Bird playing.


Little Bird and I watching people and squirrels from a bench.





We had a wonderful time being together and playing in the leaves while B. took pictures.  If you live near Tulsa and want pictures done for any reason, I highly recommend B. Photography!  You can find her on Facebook and view her portfolio of the other amazing images she has taken.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Smart Families: Musical Intelligence

Ok, new series!  Based off the Garner's Multiple Intelligence Theory post, I am going to post some fun ideas to encourage strengthening your family’s many different kinds of smarts, starting with MUSICAL!


Explore Together:

If you haven’t been there, head over to Pandora and make yourself a few stations.  Start with broad genres or artists you like.  Instead of blaring the TV in the background, try playing music while you play games.  If you have kids, enjoy floor time and dance around while you listen to music.  You don’t have to only listen to Twinkle, Twinkle with kiddos.  If you don’t have kids, dance anyway!  Grove with your honey or all by your lonesome.  Pandora is wonderful because it builds a station based on your pruning of songs you like and don’t like.  However, my favorite thing about Pandora is that it introduces you to new musical artists and can expand your current library.  New sounds keep it going.

Keep up with old talents:

I used to play piano ALL THE TIME.  I used to play the harp.  Doc used to be unstoppable with percussion instruments.  It is definitely discouraging to play now, knowing how much better we once were, but having the instruments around and still in our possession keeps that passion for music alive.  When we are brave enough to pick up one of the instruments and piddle around an old tune, it’s incredible.  Don’t garage sale your old saxophone, pull it back out.  Always wanted to learn guitar? DO IT!  The time is now!  Enjoy music!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Casper, Wyoming–Hello High Desert Paradise!

Doc and I went to Casper, WY on a “business” trip we turned into a pleasure trip.  The high desert might not be for everyone, but both of us were moved by the beauty of the landscape.  Doc had an interview with the University of Wyoming Family Practice program there.  We flew into Casper’s (pop. 50,000) 3 gate airport a day early to go see the area of a potential future home for us.

First off, there was a herd of antelope in the airport parking lot.

Second, holy beautiful!


It’s the ugly time of year, but the crystal blue waters and constantly changing landscape was almost too much for us at times. 

Casper proper is a smaller city with a mall, 4 movie theaters, downtown shopping area, chain restaurants, 2 bowling alleys and incredible views!  We didn’t take too many pictures there, but headed up Casper Mountain.  The skiing and hiking areas on the mountain can be reached after driving about twenty minutes from any given front door.


This is the view off the mountain at its ugliest.  Really?!  That’s the ugliest it gets?  The locals say it’s normally covered in snow or green as far as you can see.  Can you imagine?

Sunday we ventured out to Independence Rock.  HELL YES it is the same Independence Rock from the Oregon Trail game.  Leading to this picture -


Jebediah has died of a snake bite

The truth is, we fell in love with Casper.  The residency is incredible.  It’s uncontested (meaning they are the only residency program so they get to do a lot more procedures in a lot more fields) and they can do Wilderness Rescue training as well.  The residency is full of young families and the school district there is incredible! 

Can you imagine what a neat life Evelyn could have here?  Snow shoeing, cross country skiing, horseback riding, snowmobiles, ice skating, mountain biking, road biking, fly fishing, hiking, camping, hunting, all right out her front door! 


It was a wonderful trip.  Trying something we weren’t sure about in a residency location really paid off.  All reservations we had were lifted away the longer we stayed. 

PERFECT Anniversary getaway!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Easy Mac

Do you have 4 cups of shredded cheese? 

Do you have 1 12oz. can of evaporated milk? 

Do you have 2 cups of uncooked pasta?

If you answered yes or you could answer yes after running to the grocery store next week – this post is for YOU!

Sure, there are several different Mac n’Cheeses you can buy in a box and make at home.  BUT what if I told you that you could make it “from scratch” in the same amount of time?  This week, I discovered how easy it is to do!  I will tell you the basics, and from there, you can vary it to your taste!

Step 1: Cook 2 cups of dry pasta according to box instructions.  Elbow macaroni works perfect!

Step 2: Pour can of evaporated milk into pasta.  Stir as you add in the 3 1/2 cups of shredded cheese.  Stir until you have Mac N’ Cheese!  It won’t get stringy thanks to the milk you added and it will smell like HEAVEN!

That’s it!  You’re done!

Now let’s get fancy!  You can use whatever cheese you like!  Here’s a pepper jack recipe I made this week.

2 cups Cheddar, 2 cups Pepper jack

1/2 tsp red pepper

1 cup crumpled tortilla chips

2 cups uncooked pasta

1 12oz cap of evaporated milk

Make the Mac N’ Cheese following steps 1 and 2.  THEN put it in a casserole dish!  Mix the pepper, remaining 1/2 cup of cheese, and chips together and sprinkle on the top.  Cover in foil.  Cook in the oven at 350 for 20 minutes. Remove foil and cook 10 more minutes.  Now you have a fiesta mac n’ cheese cooked pasta!!!

Look at you, looking totally super 50s housewife awesome with minimal effort!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

What’s the deal with Fowlington?

Ok.  My last name is not Fowlington.  Doc’s last name is not Fowlington.  We do not come from people who bared this last name.  We came from people baring names that when combined can form Fowlington (ex. Smith + Wilson – Smilthson). 

When Doc and I got married, I had trouble with the idea of changing my name to his surname.  I had been known by one last name my entire life.  My siblings and I were all “M&Ms” and I was permanently being removed from the M&M club.  It meant a lot to Doc that I take his name.  Despite my jokes of changing both our names to “Fowlington” I changed my name to his and have worked really hard to adjust to it even though it’s been three years now.

The fact is, after Doc and I met and began our adventure together, we didn’t really feel like we fit with one family.  I struggled to figure out what our new place was within our families.  We weren’t Fowlers.  We weren’t Millingtons.  We were something new.  We were our own clan.  And so, the Fowlingtons were born.

Yeah, it is dorky.  So what?  It’s uniquely us.  We have clan colors: blue and green.  We are creating a crest for ourselves and we are creating our own traditions.

We are Fowlingtons.

We are Family.

Go ahead married friends!  Play with your names and see if you can come up with an equally awesome sounding combination last name!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Super Mom

My mother is a goddess.  Everyday I stop breathless and think “how the hell did my mother do all of this so gracefully?”  My mom can claim 5 kids. 5.  I have one and I feel like I’m constantly behind.  So I feel like it’s time to throw a post towards my amazing mother and pay a little respect to the woman who made me the woman I am today.

My mom can take 5 kids to their lessons/practice/scout meetings.

She can give way too much advice (but almost always is right).

My mother has never missed a birthday – even if she doesn’t see you for a month, there will be cake.

My mom made my Halloween costumes until I was old enough to make them myself. 

When planning my wedding, my mom prefaced everything with “it’s your day, I want you to do what you want” and backed me on every decision.063

Since I became a mother, she has been more help than I could ever have hoped for and has validated my efforts daily.

She was homeroom mom, camp chaperone, softball coach, and museum destination guru. 

My mother made my childhood amazing and it seemed like she never broke a sweat.  She is still an amazing mother and raising kiddos today. 

She is a loving and devoted grandma and no matter how tired she is, perks up with a “HI BABY GIRL!” every time Evie comes over.


I love you, Mom.

You are incredible.  You are my super hero.