Wednesday, November 3, 2010

What’s the deal with Fowlington?

Ok.  My last name is not Fowlington.  Doc’s last name is not Fowlington.  We do not come from people who bared this last name.  We came from people baring names that when combined can form Fowlington (ex. Smith + Wilson – Smilthson). 

When Doc and I got married, I had trouble with the idea of changing my name to his surname.  I had been known by one last name my entire life.  My siblings and I were all “M&Ms” and I was permanently being removed from the M&M club.  It meant a lot to Doc that I take his name.  Despite my jokes of changing both our names to “Fowlington” I changed my name to his and have worked really hard to adjust to it even though it’s been three years now.

The fact is, after Doc and I met and began our adventure together, we didn’t really feel like we fit with one family.  I struggled to figure out what our new place was within our families.  We weren’t Fowlers.  We weren’t Millingtons.  We were something new.  We were our own clan.  And so, the Fowlingtons were born.

Yeah, it is dorky.  So what?  It’s uniquely us.  We have clan colors: blue and green.  We are creating a crest for ourselves and we are creating our own traditions.

We are Fowlingtons.

We are Family.

Go ahead married friends!  Play with your names and see if you can come up with an equally awesome sounding combination last name!


  1. Haha if you can come up with a good sounding version of our two names, I'll buy you a Sonic drink! :)
    p.s. I LOVE my two dorky friends! :)

  2. Newvay or McPort are both awesome ;)

  3. haha McVewport perhaps? You win a Sonic drink! :) Remind me when you come visit! :)