Monday, November 1, 2010

Super Mom

My mother is a goddess.  Everyday I stop breathless and think “how the hell did my mother do all of this so gracefully?”  My mom can claim 5 kids. 5.  I have one and I feel like I’m constantly behind.  So I feel like it’s time to throw a post towards my amazing mother and pay a little respect to the woman who made me the woman I am today.

My mom can take 5 kids to their lessons/practice/scout meetings.

She can give way too much advice (but almost always is right).

My mother has never missed a birthday – even if she doesn’t see you for a month, there will be cake.

My mom made my Halloween costumes until I was old enough to make them myself. 

When planning my wedding, my mom prefaced everything with “it’s your day, I want you to do what you want” and backed me on every decision.063

Since I became a mother, she has been more help than I could ever have hoped for and has validated my efforts daily.

She was homeroom mom, camp chaperone, softball coach, and museum destination guru. 

My mother made my childhood amazing and it seemed like she never broke a sweat.  She is still an amazing mother and raising kiddos today. 

She is a loving and devoted grandma and no matter how tired she is, perks up with a “HI BABY GIRL!” every time Evie comes over.


I love you, Mom.

You are incredible.  You are my super hero.