Sunday, November 21, 2010

Holiday Parade

Despite being attached to the Tulsa Metroplex, Jenks is actually one of those little towns that clings to its small town charm events.

For example: ParadesIMG_2593

We went to the Holiday Parade in downtown Jenks yesterday to watch my little sisters march along side their girl scout troops.




Well, one marched.  The other got distracted easily and then had to sprint to catch back up.


And my mom was bringing up the rear, handing out candy.





Little Bird was not entirely sure what to think of the parade, but did like waving at the people as they passed by.



She may be walking.  She may not use bottles anymore.  She may be almost one year old.  But she still LOVES being carried around in the tummy carrier.  Especially when it’s Doc whose doing the carrying.

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