Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A Day in the Park

Last week, Doc and I took Little Bird to Woodward Park in Midtown Tulsa.  I love Midtown.  I would move back to that area of town in a heartbeat!  Woodward is a gorgeous park and one we frequent as a family.

Little Bird loves to swing there or run by the trees or play chase with Doc and I.  We also watch the squirrels!  But last week was a special occasion!!!

Little Bird is turning 1 next month!  That’s right!  It is really almost here!  So we took our darling daughter down to the park for some pictures.


We wanted some pictures for her birthday party invitations, so first she ran around in her cute birthday outfit!



Then it was time for a costume change!  Into her Fowlington wear for family pictures!





Well, minus the bow.

But the photographer did an incredible job of capturing casual family pictures!


Doc and Little Bird playing.


Little Bird and I watching people and squirrels from a bench.





We had a wonderful time being together and playing in the leaves while B. took pictures.  If you live near Tulsa and want pictures done for any reason, I highly recommend B. Photography!  You can find her on Facebook and view her portfolio of the other amazing images she has taken.


  1. I Love the last picture of her trying to lick her chin haha! Its likes she is thinking hmmm I know I left some peas on here somewhere...
    Beautiful pictures! I Can't believe she is already almost 1!!