Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Casper, Wyoming–Hello High Desert Paradise!

Doc and I went to Casper, WY on a “business” trip we turned into a pleasure trip.  The high desert might not be for everyone, but both of us were moved by the beauty of the landscape.  Doc had an interview with the University of Wyoming Family Practice program there.  We flew into Casper’s (pop. 50,000) 3 gate airport a day early to go see the area of a potential future home for us.

First off, there was a herd of antelope in the airport parking lot.

Second, holy beautiful!


It’s the ugly time of year, but the crystal blue waters and constantly changing landscape was almost too much for us at times. 

Casper proper is a smaller city with a mall, 4 movie theaters, downtown shopping area, chain restaurants, 2 bowling alleys and incredible views!  We didn’t take too many pictures there, but headed up Casper Mountain.  The skiing and hiking areas on the mountain can be reached after driving about twenty minutes from any given front door.


This is the view off the mountain at its ugliest.  Really?!  That’s the ugliest it gets?  The locals say it’s normally covered in snow or green as far as you can see.  Can you imagine?

Sunday we ventured out to Independence Rock.  HELL YES it is the same Independence Rock from the Oregon Trail game.  Leading to this picture -


Jebediah has died of a snake bite

The truth is, we fell in love with Casper.  The residency is incredible.  It’s uncontested (meaning they are the only residency program so they get to do a lot more procedures in a lot more fields) and they can do Wilderness Rescue training as well.  The residency is full of young families and the school district there is incredible! 

Can you imagine what a neat life Evelyn could have here?  Snow shoeing, cross country skiing, horseback riding, snowmobiles, ice skating, mountain biking, road biking, fly fishing, hiking, camping, hunting, all right out her front door! 


It was a wonderful trip.  Trying something we weren’t sure about in a residency location really paid off.  All reservations we had were lifted away the longer we stayed. 

PERFECT Anniversary getaway!


  1. Elle, you're too funny. Poor Jebediah.

  2. Move Move Move!!!! It is so nice to actually be away from family! Also getting to see places like this is amazing. I still drive to work some times and think "I live here?!" The view will take forever to "wear off". Every weekend is a new adventure because you've never been there!

  3. That looks fantastic!! And poor Jebediah! Casper really does look amazing, and Yellowstone is just a few hours away too! How freaking awesome!

  4. :) so happy for you guys finding a place you like! I really hope this works out for you!! :) Plus, I want to visit!!!