Monday, November 29, 2010

Owasso Tree Farm Outing

Nothing says the holidays like…


Picking out a REAL Christmas Tree from a local tree farm!  You know, where the trees go for miles and you pick one and hack it down and take it home on your car top -

Where the sweet smell of pine or spruce linger in your home, and soft white lights dance in the needles and across your walls-

BUT, we have no where to put a tree.  So nothing says the holidays like….

Going to the Owasso Tree Farm, looking at all the trees, and then picking out a totally bad ass wreath to go on your front door.

The Owasso Christmas Tree Farm has wreaths, garlands, trees, and tons of ornaments and decorations.  It is also just a beautiful place to look around.  We got a wreath last year from this farm as well.


Hurray Traditions!


  1. That is the cutest two pictures. I love that youk put Evelyn's head in where you belly once was! So creative!