Sunday, November 14, 2010

Smart Families: Musical Intelligence

Ok, new series!  Based off the Garner's Multiple Intelligence Theory post, I am going to post some fun ideas to encourage strengthening your family’s many different kinds of smarts, starting with MUSICAL!


Explore Together:

If you haven’t been there, head over to Pandora and make yourself a few stations.  Start with broad genres or artists you like.  Instead of blaring the TV in the background, try playing music while you play games.  If you have kids, enjoy floor time and dance around while you listen to music.  You don’t have to only listen to Twinkle, Twinkle with kiddos.  If you don’t have kids, dance anyway!  Grove with your honey or all by your lonesome.  Pandora is wonderful because it builds a station based on your pruning of songs you like and don’t like.  However, my favorite thing about Pandora is that it introduces you to new musical artists and can expand your current library.  New sounds keep it going.

Keep up with old talents:

I used to play piano ALL THE TIME.  I used to play the harp.  Doc used to be unstoppable with percussion instruments.  It is definitely discouraging to play now, knowing how much better we once were, but having the instruments around and still in our possession keeps that passion for music alive.  When we are brave enough to pick up one of the instruments and piddle around an old tune, it’s incredible.  Don’t garage sale your old saxophone, pull it back out.  Always wanted to learn guitar? DO IT!  The time is now!  Enjoy music!

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