Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween: A Family Affair

Let me preface this post by saying that I am furious at the lack of pictures I have from this weekend!  I will blame the fact that we took too many pictures on cameras that were not our own, but I will share what I have of our Halloween Event!
First, we were lucky enough to be invited to the Fowler Family Halloween in Prague on Saturday night. Prague celebrated Saturday, so along with Doc’s Family, we ate spooky foods our Sister-in-law Diane planned out – like spooky fingers, nutter butter ghosts, and scary apple monsters!  Evelyn and Isa put on their costumes and trick-or-treated around the neighborhood.  IMG_2373
Unfortunately, I do not have a picture of Scott, Diane, Isa, and their dog Bella.  They were the Scarecrow, Wicked Witch, Cowardly Lion, and Dorothy in that order.  They made a perfect picture of a happy family all dressed up!  I do have a picture of Uncle Scott and Cousin Isa!
We were shocked because Grandpa and Grandma Fowler even got in the spirit!  Clint was a Killer Bunny and Janis was a pretty witch

Evelyn was a Monarch Butterfly!  I finished her costume before we left for Prague but ran out of time trying to put together Doc and I’s original ideas.  SO – after the Praguefest (again, sorry I don’t have many pictures, addendum post may follow if I can get some good shots from family) we came back and I scrambled to come up with Plan B before trick-or-treating in Tulsa! 
Doc went with a “what’s up doc?” costume.  He wore scrubs and bunny ears and carried around a carrot.

I went with an old Pocahontas costume I had (believe it or not I wore this costume when I was in 4th grade…it fit a bit differently then).

But the lady of the hour – the girl we all were dying to see – was one perfectly adorable bundle of joy.  I can’t believe that she is already big enough to walk up to doors and wave bye bye…but here is our angel.
Happy Halloween Little Bird!  The first of many great dress up days!

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  1. We enjoyed you "three's" company very much :)
    Thanks again for all your help in making Isabel's first Halloween Party that much more memor-able.