Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Curiosity is Like Oxygen

Fowler Family 055 ipix

Curiosity killed the cat, but it is food for my soul.

“Why” is one of the most incredible questions anyone can ask, ever.  We may not always get an answer or the one we want, but questions keep us thinking, keep us interested, keep us captivated by life.

One of my favorite things about Little Bird is her incredible sense of curiosity.  She has a keen desire to explore and explain her environment.  She tries to discover how things work.  She seeks new areas to explore.  She tests ideas to attempt new noises.

One of the most incredible things about being a teacher is guiding students to rediscover curiosity and exploration.  So many teachers have told them answers when they asked a question. They take the excitement of chasing answers out of learning.  When students ask me questions, I respond with “where can you find that answer?” and they have finally started to respond with excitement “Oh! One of the library books!” or “Oh! Can I use the computer?”

They aspire to discover their own answers which often lead to more questions.  They find joy and accomplishment in learning to answer their own questions.

Curiosity can bring joy and zest to life.  Questions can bring fulfillment.  Learn something new.  Test out ideas.  Add the joy of real, authentic, and relevant learning to your life.

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  1. YES! Josh and I decided that when we have kids and they ask us questions, we will hand them the iPod touch and tell them to look it up! :)