Saturday, October 16, 2010

Bella’s Almost Birthday and Catch Up With Friends

IMG_2191 If there is one thing EVERY mama needs, it is time with old friends.  This weekend, we were lucky enough to get to see our friends, the Calders.  Kristi has been my friend for over six years now.  We met through mutual friends when I was living in Texas in high school and despite how busy we have been starting our families, we have kept in touch and still manage to see one another. 

They were able to stop in Tulsa to visit on their way to a wedding.  Their firstborn, Bella is only two months older than Little Bird and was born on our anniversary (so we’ll never forget when herIMG_2196 birthday is).  And they are expecting their second kiddo, a little boy, this February!  It has been three months since Bella and Little Bird got to play together, but they hit it off!

Evelyn gets to play with kids at daycare all the time, but I don’t get to watch her interact with them very often.  They didn’t hit each other or take toys from one another, which at this age is pretty much a super successful play date!

AND since it was almost Bella’s birthday, we sang happy birthday to her and threw her a “mini'” b-day party.  Cupcakes instead of cake with a little gift!

Here are the ladies with their cupcakes!

IMG_2211 IMG_2215


And here are the dads, trying really hard to get them to hold still with their Tigger and Eeyore for a picture after they hit a sugar high:


Sure, I only have pictures of the babies up here, but really, it was just wonderful to hang out with our friends and another little family.  It’s nice to spend time with other young mamas who can share in laughter all of them amazing things that have come to our lives with the additions of our kiddos – as well as some of the crazy hard things you never expected.  Having other mamas to chat with makes mamahood much more enjoyable!

Thank you dear friends for making time to visit us! Hopefully we can return the visit soon!

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  1. :). Its been the best weekend I've had in a LONG time. And Bella obviously enjoyed herself too! I laughed a little when I had to re-explain how we met to Steve yesterday. That's a story I'll never forget! We miss you already! (And are planning the next time we can make it up :).)