Thursday, July 29, 2010

Emerson, Hold My Hand

I’m referring of course, to Mr. Ralph Waldo.  The transcendentalists and their writings were my survival guide to High School.  I have always found truth and taken solace from the natural world and these writer’s words spoke to me.   Walden is phenomenal.  Civil Disobedience inspired me to be active in politics and to speak up for equal rights and the peace I believe in.  And Mr. Ralph Waldo Emerson, the father of it all, his speeches and lectures were a guidebook to the starting point of finding beauty in the world.

I am attempting to return to meditation.  I have not been actively mediating and am out of practice. 

Practice? For Meditation?!  Don’t you just sit cross legged and hum or something?

Um, no.  No.  Quieting the mind so that you can achieve a peaceful awareness of the world around you is difficult.  It’s hard to shut your head down and stop making to-do lists.  Centering your thoughts is something that becomes easier the more practiced you are, but I am so mentally “out of shape” I am starting with some basic techniques to refocus. 


Visualization is one that I am turning to this evening.  I will use candle gazing to focus my attention at first, and then began to visualize an alternate place – my “happy place”. 

happyplace My happy place is warm, with sunlight peaking through leaves.  You can hear birds, and wind, and ruffling of brush.  It smells like dirt, and rain, and old wood.  It’s the world of Walden. 

Emerson once said

“Do not follow where the path may lead.  Go, instead, where there is no path and leave a trail.”

So tonight, I will focus on visualizing my happy place, and the uncut path.

Things I will contemplate:

  • Balancing what I believe to be best for my baby with what is fair to expect of myself
  • Finding peace in situations that I cannot control
  • How to return to a greener lifestyle after falling off the wagon

What will you contemplate?

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  1. I could DEFINITELY use finding peace in situations and PEOPLE I cannot control.

    I feel like I should definitely give this a shot. This being meditation. It sounds like something that everyone should practice on a regular basis simply to remain sane and logical.

    So glad I have such a wonderful, mature friend that gives great advice and inspires good ideas!