Sunday, July 11, 2010

High Chair Alternative

I don’t like traditional baby high chairs.  They are bulky and fluffy and take up way too much space at a table.  Not to mention, they are generally not overly pretty.  However, my Cadie Bird is now too big to sit in her Bumbo chair at the table because she can flop it over.  So today, I bought the alternative to a big bulky high chair.

Check it out!


Notice that Evelyn is sitting in a chair that attaches to a normal kitchen chair.  It can evolve to a booster seat as well.  You can elevate or lower the height with little extenders.  In this chair she sits at a reasonable height to the table so she can still see everything that is going on.  And she LOVES it.


The tray swivels out and can be removed and placed in the dishwasher.  There are also safety straps on the inside of the chair that keep Evelyn from trying to crawl out.


The chair has straps that adjust and attach to the back of the chair and the bottom so this chair fits on just about all standard kitchen chairs.  I can set it up on the ground as well if I am letting her eat a snack in the living room while we visit with relatives.  It’s also small enough to travel with us should we need to take a high chair along to grandma’s house. 

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  1. I like the high chair that we got, but keep in mind we often don't eat at the table. Having a rolling high chair is nice because of that. We usually eat in the office, and really, Bella doesn't eat with us quite yet anyway. BUT that is my next step, especially since I'll need 2 chairs eventually. I'm excited to get one!