Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Part of this balancing act includes a career, which requires childcare.  How do you pick someone to spend 8 hours a day with your child?  You have to give up control.  They won't do cloth diapering.  I am willing to give up that.  I AM worried about the food.  I do not want to give up controlling the foods my daughter eats.  That might be a problem.  So here is what I am looking for in a childcare center.

How many staff members are there? I'd like to see no higher than 1 to 6.
Can I bring my own food? I have food allergies, so I am making sure to really test Evelyn's food out for at least her first year, one of my primary reasons for making all of her baby food.
Free play vs. walkers?  I don't want Evelyn "in" a toy all day.  She loves to explore.  I want her to have that option.
All day vs. part day? Can I pick her up when I leave work at 2:40 or am I supposed to wait until 6...cuz that isn't going to happen.

Any other things I should look for?

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