Saturday, July 24, 2010

My Niece is 1/2 Year Old This Week!

I have a beautiful niece, little Isabel Grace.  She is gorgeous and has the intelligent, thoughtful face of her daddy.IMG_1063  Despite the striking resemblance to her dad, Isabel (Isa for short) has a softness in her features from her mother that you can find when you stare at her long enough, which is easy to do.  She is certainly mesmerizing.  I’ve only been fortunate enough to spend a few visits with this little angel, but she is wonderful and certainly a gift to this world.IMG_1593 She and Evelyn are only 6 weeks apart and you can certainly tell that these two beauties are related!  I hope that we stay close enough that when holidays roll around, Evelyn and Isa will get to see each other and play together.

That said I also hope that Doc’s schedule allows us to make it to family holiday events too.  We have really sucked at making it to family events lately because our lives have been so busy.  Somehow the addition of children really makes you realize how lax you have been in family visits.  Maybe it’s because Isa went from the first picture to the second in no time at all!

I always lived far away from my cousins and so I never had the joy of other children close to my age at family events.  I’m so grateful that Evelyn and Isa may get a chance to know that joy.

Isa is almost a half year old.  6 months!  Time has flown!  Happy Half Birthday Isa!  Your Aunt misses you and loves you!

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  1. This is such a sweet post. Yes, I can not believe she will be six months this upcoming Wednesday.
    Thanks Aunt Elle!