Wednesday, March 30, 2011

In The News: FDA is Examining food dyes and their potential link to ADHD

Wednesday and Thursday this week the FDA is deciding whether or not to pursue studies of the affects of food dyes and a potential link to hyperactivity in children.  You can read the gist in this post by the LA Times

This is one reason that I am personally very anti-bright colored packaged artificial foods.  They aren’t a necessary part of a healthy diet and I am concerned that there has not been enough research on the additives we put in our foods.  Why eat crap when you can get your essential nutrients from things we know are safe.

I know that some children have food sensitivities to certain food dyes (generally red 40 is a big culprit) and that those dyes can make them hyper or even aggressive.  I am really interested to find out what the FDA decides this week.  NPR has been following the story so hopefully I’ll hear some news on Science Friday during my morning drive to work.

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