Saturday, March 12, 2011

Dining Room–A Wedding Reminder

After thinking about how we want to arrange and decorate our new home to reflect our family, we decided that our dining room would be a great little room to turn into a nostalgic reflection of our wedding.


Here is the starting room:

Dining room

None of that furniture belongs to us.  Our plan for this room includes removing the carpet and replacing it with bamboo flooring. Painting the walls a mossy sage color.  Similar to Natural Floors by USFloors Locking Bamboo Spice Hardwood Flooring Plankwhat you see in the Five Oaks Lodge picture above on the back wall.  We are thinking we will leave the white curtains (they come with the house). 






We will replace the ceiling fixture with a black iron fixture like this.  And replacing our current table with something nice and dark, sort of like the one pictured below. 

Then we’re going to hang our framed accent pictures from our wedding on the walls and put our black electric piano against the back wall.  I’d love to hang wall vases and fill them with flowers that mimic the flowers at our wedding as well.




  1. You need to check out

  2. aw what a wonderful idea! your wedding was so gorgeous! :)