Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Speaking of Paint…

When you want to “go green” and paint your house here are the best options I have researched so far.  Basically, what you are looking at is VOC levels.

VOC stands for Volatile Organic Compound.  You can read about it on VOC levels.  The basic concern is that the VOC is still released long after you paint, despite if you can smell paint fumes or not.  The scariest thing to me is that the EPA released a study showing more pollutants inside of homes than outside, regardless of where the home was located.    Guess it’s true what they say about needed “fresh air” from outside! 


Anyway, the paints that I’ve seen recommended online are as follows:


From Benjamin Moore – Natura paintsnatura

These contain zero VOC and come in many colors.  You can find it at stores that used to be ACE hardware.  Westlake Hardware in Tulsa carries it.




Olympic Paints

olympicThis is the only paint that contains zero VOC that I know of and is sold in a nation wide chain store.  These can be found at Lowe’s and at Home Depot.  You can get the zero VOC paint in any color Olympic has.




From Sherwin Williams – GreenSuregreensure

This mark is found on paints that contain low or zero VOC.



I’m not sure about pricing on these products yet.  I’m sure they are slightly more expensive.  Most likely, we will be using Olympic because of the color availability that goes along with it, so I’ll price it for you when I get to buy it and paint my new home in a few weeks!


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  1. We use Olympic. It has GREAT coverage. And it is around $20/gal. Compared to BM which is closer to 35/Gal. We painted all our bedrooms with just 1 gallon of Olympic. They are all around 10x12 to 12x14. We had enough left over to save for scratches/oopsies too!