Friday, March 11, 2011

Nature Reminds Us That She is Powerful


Today, nature struck Japan in full force.  The videos of the earthquakes made my heart stop and I felt tears welling. 

When I watched a video of the tsunami that followed washing away so many lives, I couldn’t help but cry.  So many lives erased, ruined, or completely destroyed.  So much that people had worked for and built, just flooded into oblivion.  We are so insignificant, so inconsequential, so tiny, so helpless.

I think of children, terrified as they drive away from their homes.  Parents, trying to bravely evacuate what they’ve built. Those who could not evacuate, knowing what was coming and that they would not escape. I simply cannot imagine, and I hope my family never knows something of this devastation. 

My thoughts and wishes are with those who have lost ones they loved and with those who must start over.  May they find peace.

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