Sunday, March 27, 2011

Creating a Home: A Modern Exotic Bedroom

Doc and I are finally settling on a starting point for our bedroom in our new home.  We found this bedroom set at Pier 1 and fell in love.  It’s the Senopati Bedroom Set.



We love the modern clean lines along the edges of the furniture, mixed with the international feel of the mixed textures and deeper wood tones.  This also appeals to my love of anything that has a natural feel to it.



There is also a bamboo component to the set, which is a very eco-aware material to use.  (Unfortunately it is also crafted using Rattan, which is not eco-aware). 



We definitely want to add the headboard and dresser to our wish, but a little bonus I would love to have is the bench that goes along with the set.  I can just picture myself laying out on it reading a book. I know it’s not a very practical piece of furniture, but I still love it!

I already have several “accessories” that match this feel in our home. So we could very easily use bright fabrics or paint colors to liven up the room. 


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  1. I love the look, but before you purchase the bed from Pier One, please check the quality. My old roommate had purchased a bed from there, and it was very poorly made (not stable, rickety and cheap materials). Love the vibe you're going with!
    Kit and I might have the chance this summer to co-decorate our living spaces, have any suggestions on finding a common ground between two different styles?