Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A Starting Place

I am a bit design bi-polar.  When it comes to fashion, I love the harder rocker type fashions, and I love the soft bohemian dresses.  When it comes to my home, I love bohemian glitz and flare but also really love the look of a clean, rustic lodge.  Add in the fact that Doc likes modern modern modern, and we have three crazy styles to try to combine into something we both love.

For those of you who relate, or those of you who don’t really know what type of style you like – try this.

HGTV has a “What’s My Style” quiz you can take.  You select pictures you like of different rooms and it can give you a great starting point for what to Google image search when idea searching.

When I took it for me, I ended up with “Rustic Charm” and Doc ended up with “Mid-Century Modern”.  After looking over room ideas for both, I retook the quiz looking for something that matched several “likes” for both of us.

Our combined style is a bit more “Asian Zen”.  I think zen-like is a bit more accurate.  We love worldly touches like Hindu statues and Indian accents.  We love natural elements like real flowers and plants, dark natural woods in furniture, and wood flooring.  We also love bright pops of color, earthy tones, and the fresh lines and bedroom198organization of “zen” like rooms.  Here are two bedrooms we like.  They aren’t perfect, but they are a better starting point for us in trying to figure out a fluid look for our home.  We particularly like the cozy look and feel of the orange bedroom with the large leafy wall decal hanging above the bed.

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