Monday, March 21, 2011

A Rare Treat

We don’t catch a lot of breaks together – but we lucked out! 

IMG_1568Doc was given a whole two days off during my Spring Break from school so we had 4 days together!  So we decided to blow this town and go visit some long losts.  So Little Bird, A.C.E., Doc and I hit the road to Duncan, OK, home of the in-laws.

While in Duncan, we had the great fortune to spend some good, quality time with our niece.  Unfortunately, we do not get to see her very often.  The few times we have been able to go see Isabel, there has been an onslaught of family attacking her (she is unbelievably cute). 


So we were able to actually see and spend some time with her! IMG_1570 We wanted to make sure she and Little Bird enjoyed some cousin time too!  The two went out to Peyton’s Place and enjoyed some gourmet spaghetti and grilled cheese.





Of course, such a beautiful meal requires a bath afterwards as well!  Notice that Isa is totally winning the longest hair competition, despite the fact that Little Bird is 6 weeks ahead on time to grow it.


The little girls spent so much time playing together!  I was amazed at how well they did at sharing toys and taking turns.  They’re both very new at it, but no one bit anyone, so success!


On Saturday the two even got to do a photo shoot together!  Even though they were tired from playing so much, both of them had a fantastic time running in the park, rocking in the red chair, and playing with Granny’s big beaded necklaces.  Thanks to Aunt Lisa for taking the beautiful pictures!


Not only did we get to spend time with Granny, Gramps, Isabel, and all 3 dogs from the Fowler Clan, but we also managed to drive on down to West Texas for a little time with our Friend Family the McVays. 

My amazing friend, Bethany, invited us down to their home in Abilene, TX to visit.  Bethany and I met at an incredible job we both landed in college, and have been best friends ever since.  She is one of the most devoted women I have ever met and she can sacrifice with a grace I envy.  You can follow her journey as the wife of an Air Force Pilot here.

Aunt Bethany took us to the Abilene Zoo! 


The 5 Dollar Entry Fee tells you how big the zoo was, but it was certainly worth the 5 bucks!

IMG_1616Aunt Bethany helped Little Bird look at all the snakes, spiders, lizards, frogs, and other creepy crawlies that live in the Abilene area in the local animals exhibit.  You could tell Little Bird loves learning and Aunt Bethany is a natural teacher.  She loved pointing at the animals and exclaiming in delight. 



We also got super close to some very lovey giraffes. 


Here are the giraffes. 





And here we are right next to the fence you can see in the picture above.  They were huge!





Little Bird ran along, pointing at the animals she saw and babbling all about them.  She saw a lot more “dogs” than anything else, but we did see 5 lion cubs (their poor lioness mom).  It was a wonderful day with a wonderful friend.

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  1. aw, we LOVED having you all come visit! Just wish you could've stayed longer! It was so nice to play with evelyn and stay up drinking and laughing at SNL skits with you guys! You two are amazing friends to us and we don't know what we'd do without you! :) thanks for everything!