Saturday, March 26, 2011

Help Fido Feel Green

Apparently, a medium sized dog leaves a carbon footprint equal to a 10,000 mile trip in a SUV.  WHAT?!?!

CNN recently posted this article explaining ways to green your best friend’s lifestyle to reduce their impact.

Among the suggestions are “duh” ideas like picking up the poo your dog leaves in the city to keep it from contaminating waterways and spaying and neutering your pet.

However, some ideas in here are a bit newer to me.  If you have time, read the whole article as linked above.  If you don’t, read my paraphrase below.IMG_0746

Doggies are carnivores.  Making dog food requires a lot of land usage and it’s heavy so transportation is pretty pricey for the environment as well.  Buy local dog food if you can.  Also, consider making a vegetarian diet for your dog out of locally grown vegetables (consult your vet about how to do this).

Use dog shampoos without sodium lauryl sulfate.

Buy toys and beds made from organic cotton or hemp instead of plastic or synthetic products.

If making your own dogs food sounds a bit ridiculous and you know there are no local dog food brands – try buying dog food that is rabbit or chicken based.  It is less detrimental to the environment to raise rabbits and chickens apparently.

Soon Fido will be feeling like he’s doing his part to save the outdoors!

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