Friday, April 15, 2011

Moved In!

We are all moved in.  I will admit, all the extra space has been something we adjusted to very easily.  We’ve already had two different sets of friends/family over for dinner in the week we’ve been here.  I love cooking in my new kitchen!  The best part is all of the little changes we can make to personalize our home.

In one week:

  • Recycling center located
  • Energy bulbs put in fixtures
  • Compost pile started
  • 1 Meatless Monday recipe under belt (Zucchini Parmesan)
  • VOC Free paint purchased for Little Bird’s Room


Upcoming Projects:

  • Paint Little Bird’s Room
  • Paint Accent Wall in walkway
  • Paint chalkboard paint on kitchen wall
  • Bamboo wood floor dining area
  • Convert flower beds to garden
  • Grow low water plants

Picture tour is coming shortly!

We also have Doc’s Med School Graduation coming up in May, his Graduation Party, several family birthdays, Mother’s Day, my rehiring for the next year (so long as the state doesn’t totally cut our budget), and an awesome beach vacation with our friends.  It’s go time.

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