Friday, April 22, 2011

Job Security

….must be nice.  Anything a teacher has is really temporary unless they can work long enough to have tenure…which might be going away anyway.

To all my friends in education,

Hang in there!  It sucks to be us right now.  Cuts get tighter, classes get bigger.  The lucky few that find jobs have little security beyond their contracted year.  But what we do matters.  What we aim to do is one of the only things that can save education.  Budget cuts, higher standards, tests, new management – none of that can save education.  What we do each day in the classroom, that can.  We can make a difference in the way we teach, love, and help our students grow, the rest is out of our hands.

Here’s to having a job next year. 

My thoughts are with us all.

Keep fighting for your right to make a difference.

Keep filling out those applications.

And if you get a chance…write your state congressman and tell them to freaking do something.


  1. You are certainly brave to be a teacher! It's a stressful job to begin with and then you have to worry about keeping said job. I cannot begin to imagine how difficult that can be. Good teachers are hard to find and it is heartbreaking to think that some of those teachers may lose their jobs. You guys truly are an inspiration.

  2. i just keep updating applications and crossing my fingers.

  3. thanks for the pep talk :) i'm glad you still have your job!!