Saturday, April 16, 2011

Little Bird’s Enchanted Forest

Now that we can paint the walls of our home, we are ready to create a paradise of a bedroom for Little Bird.  We decided to go with an “enchanted forest” theme, so we’ll hang butterflies and birds and trees, the whole shabang!

So this weekend, we began the transformation and painted the room!



You can see that the green we picked for the wall color is SUPER VIVID!  You can see that it fits the color scheme of what we have pretty nicely.  It’s still pretty bold for me right now, but when all of the wall décor, ceiling effects, and permanent furniture is added, I think it will be downright magical.  We used the Olympic Zero VOC paint, and there was almost NO smell at all.  It wasn’t until we had nearly finished painting the room we noticed any odor and it was fully gone when it dried – no lingering nasty smell or dangerous fumes.





  1. yay! I cant wait to see the finished product!!!

  2. it looks so cute! i wanna see your new home, your fam and your pretty face!