Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Eat Simply–A Green and a Yellow


Some of you might have remembered the ole “eat a green and a yellow vegetable everyday” adage.  I like it.  It adds color to my meals and helps me plan out healthier food.

You can read about the benefits of different fruits and vegetable colors here.  My mom made sure we had a green and yellow daily (normally green beans and corn).   I try to keep our meals colorful and switch it up, but I have two staples that I love to turn to when I need a quick healthy and delicious side to add to my diet.

Carrots and Peas!  So here are some simple ways to cook vegetables that are delicious, family (meaning picky men and baby) friendly, and require very little work on your part.

Ginger Carrots


Thanks to a wonderful gift from family last Christmas (thanks Diane!) we now have a vegetable steamer!


If, however you do not have one, you can always microwave cut up carrots (organic please) in a dish with a little bit of water and cover the dish with plastic wrap.  When they are done, ginger them up!  They add a nice little zing to the vegetable that makes them taste fancy!

Mint Peas


You can buy frozen peas that steam in the bag.  Follow instructions, sprinkle with mint.  Voila!  You have a neat little dish that is amazing for you and pretty tasty.


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  1. I'm surprised Matt likes peas! I love them but Steve really doesn't. Sometimes, though, he doesn't have a choice :)