Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Goodbye Facebook. Doubt I will miss you…

I am declaring my independence from the Social Network.

I hold these truths to be self evident, all friends are not created equal.  That I should be endowed with certain rights, among these the right to not having every obscure relative tracking my daily life, the right to privacy settings that can keep people I don’t want to stay in contact with from seeking me out repeatedly, and the right to read updates about friends and family without chain letters and quiz results cluttering up my space.

I have “liked” many facebook petitions requesting these things be changed, but as Facebook is an “f you! we’re free! we do what we want!” maniac who changes the format every two weeks without fair notification, I can no longer remain part of this monster.

I miss real friends.  Ones you call instead of texting or facebooking.  Ones you even write letters to… 

I miss actually catching up with family instead of just filling in the gaps left between photos and statuses.  

I miss facebook being an open forum to post your thoughts on what idiots Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin are without having to worry about conservative relatives knowing that you are *shhhh* liberal.

So goodbye facebook, I don’t need you. It was cool when you were young, but you’re stretched and floppy now.  It’s like being in a club.  It’s cool until everyone is a member and then what’s the point.

Friends – you have until Friday to snag any pictures I have posted that you want before the account goes static.


  1. You are stronger than I friend! I suppose I find facebook makes communication too easy to pass up. That doesn't mean I wouldn't send you a letter or give you a call to keep up :). I'll just have to make sure I do that!

  2. i literally do it because of boredom. lol i agree with everything you just said. hiding what you really think sucks.

  3. I GREATLY miss people calling, letters or home visits, instead we all get comments or private messages on fb....I might take a page out of your book and do the same. Love your blog though :) Glad you've decided to keep it! :)

  4. lol i freaking love you. as long as you keep blogging, i dont care if you're not on facebook anymore.
    i liked writing letters and post cards to you last summer. do it again this summer? i'll be in south africa for a week, so i can send you some sweet post cards.
    and then well...i'll just be a few miles away. but hell, aren't letters fun to get even when you just saw that person?