Sunday, February 6, 2011

Love Day

Valentine’s Day is not something I have ever really celebrated.  As far as the commercialization of it, I’m not really a fan.  Doc and I became engaged on February 23rd, and often celebrate our “Engagemaversary” instead. 

However, lately I’ve been thinking a lot about expressing love for others.  I don’t think I’m necessarily that good at it.  I certainly don’t tell the people I love that I care about them often enough.  I also think I could improve at showing my appreciation for people as well. 

So this year, I’m thinking of Valentine’s Day as Love Day: a day to express love to those you care about. 

I thought I’d share this idea with those of you who may be looking for a way to celebrate Valentine’s Day apart from simply celebrating your romantic relationship (or feeling like your lack of one is being pointed out).


This year I am mailing letters to people I care about.  I want to show them that I appreciate them, even if I suck at showing it most of the time.

Does one day and one card make up for it? No.  But it’s probably a good start.

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  1. excellent idea. love isnt just a romantic relationship and using valentines day as a time to show those you care about how much you love them is a great idea!