Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Simplify Your Bedroom

The last year has brought many wonderful changes to our family.  One of these things is a steady income.  Thanks to that, Doc and I have finally been able to start going through old things and putting together furniture, artwork, and decorating our home in a way that reflects who we are as a family and our ideals.  We have simplified by removing clutter and are now focusing on replacing our “hand-me-down” starter furniture we were given when we got married with pieces that are earth and family friendly.

The easiest of our rooms to attack first was the bedroom.

I think Redbook put it best.  If there is anything in your bedroom that doesn’t pertain to:

A.) Sex

B.) Sleeping

…then get rid of it.

Especially if you have kids.  Your room is your sanctuary.  Keep it that way. 

No kid toys allowed.  No TV.  No clutter. 

I will tell you that since removing everything not pertaining to A or B, my room feels so much more relaxing.  I walk in, and feel tension leave.  Love. It.

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