Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Perfect Workout: If You Want to Feel Like More of a Bad Ass

If you have heard of P90X, you know that it’s pretty much insane. 

If you know the Fowlingtons, you know we are too.

So Doc and I are doing the “Extreme Home Fitness” routine for the next 90 days.  This workout system is incredible if you want to feel like a badass or superhero.  The workouts are different each day but are INTENSE!  They are about an hour long each and on some days you have an extra 15 minute workout to tack on.

The first two days were hell, but I tell you what – Doc and I are already feeling incredible!

Screw my work out 3-4 times a week idea.  We’re working out for a solid hour every night after Little Bird goes to bed and we feel incredible!  Our stress level is down, our energy is up, and we have much better attitudes every day.

We’ve completed phase I – the first 30 days.  Granted, we have 60 to go, but we feel amazing.

I will tell you that I have brought out the Bad Ass boots and definitely feel more like Uma Thurman each day.

Here’s to being fit!


For those of you wondering how you do an hour to an hour and a half workout each day, here is my answer.  You don’t have to workout everyday.  You don’t have to work out for a full hour to hour and a half every time you work out either.  But this is a jumpstart to a life change for us.  You need to decide, either it is worth it to spend the time to be healthy and fit so that you live a longer and fuller life – or it’s not.  Period.

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  1. amen!! i hate it when people complain about not having time to work out. bottom line is, when its important enough to you, you MAKE time.