Friday, May 21, 2010

Putting a Cloth Diaper on a Baby

First, you have to catch your run-away baby who is trying to steal her clean diaper cover.

For cloth diapering I use:
Gerber Flat Fold Cloth Diapers
Thirsties Diaper Covers

You need to fold the flat fold cloth diapers.  I like to fold them kimono style right out of the laundry so they are ready to go when I need them.  (How to fold post to come later).

You lay the diaper flat on a surface you plan on changing the baby on.

Then, place the baby on the diaper, where the long part of the triangle fits as the waist line.  The pointy end comes up to cover up the baby goods.

Note: the diaper's thickest part of the fold covers all baby exits.  This is important! 

Fold one side over.

Then the other.

Then secure with a snappie.  The snappies have little teeth that hook into the cloth diaper and hold it in place, kind of like a clothes pin, but without the "OH SHIT I STABBED MY BABY WITH A STRAIGHT PIN" hazard.

And finally, you put the diaper cover on over the cloth part and your kid is ready to take off!  Notice, that the cloth diaper hugs around her butt, so even as she crawls and rolls over, there is not a gap...unlike those crappy disposables that like to leak liquid poop.


  1. I alwasy hated the big squishy ballon butt on babies! She is so cute and what a great step by step!

  2. So first of all, I love Evelyn's squishy rolly legs!
    Second, I too love the step by step. If T and I can have more and I am still at home I totally plan on cloth diapering. W is so close to potty training it isn't worth the $ to shell out on cloth diapers.
    And third of all, Holy cow Evelyn is getting big and I think looks like a whiter version of you haha! Adorableness all the way around!

  3. Out of curiosity, what do you do with the diapers when you travel?

  4. We use disposables for traveling, sitters who are uncomfortable with cloth, and night time.

  5. lol ok ok, when i have babies, you can try to talk me into using cloth diapers. for now i will simply enjoy the photos of evelyn's insane cuteness.

    i like that you call her evie, mostly because it's a pokemon ;) cute new background too.