Monday, May 24, 2010

Oh, to recycle...

Our new apartment has presented some recycling difficulty.  We have yet to get a system into place and some of the rules here are creating problems!

First, there is no recycling drop off/pick up in the apartment complex, unlike our house where they came to collect recycling twice a month.  So we're going to have to sort it and haul it somewhere.
Second, we are not allowed to store trash outside on our balcony or outside the front door in order to keep down pest issues.  So I have to find a way to store our recycling that doesn't take up too much space and Evelyn cannot get into.
Third, I am going to have to move it in my car (let's face it, Doc's not going to take the recycling) and I need to it be mobile and not make a mess.

My choices of containers range from
A Nice 12-gallon Recycling Bin to Stackable Containers to those plastic tubs you see used for Christmas decoration storage.

BUT, I want something like these Awesome Fold-Up Bags

Must find a solution!  Must find an affordable solution!....a job would help that

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