Sunday, May 30, 2010

Carrots - A Detailed "How To"

So, after you make a few of the baby food items the way the book recommends, you get the idea.  So here is how I make carrots.

Pour entire bag of frozen carrots (no butter or anything) into a pot.  Add enough water to somewhat cover the carrots.  Cover the pot and cook on medium until the carrots are done.  You can tell they have been cooked well enough by sticking a fork into the carrots.  If the fork comes out easily, they are done.  If the fork sticks in a carrot, they are not.

<=Not Done


<= Done

Strain carrots to remove excess water.  Carrots will be HOT!

Pour carrots into blender or food processer and add 1/2 cup of water.  Puree.   You can add as much additional water as you would like to achieve a desired consistancy.  I add water slowly until my blender is capable of moving all of the food freely and it is entirely pureed.  For the carrots, I added an additional 1/2 cup of water.  My daughter sometimes has a problem with food that isn't "thick" enough, so instead of rice cereal made with breastmilk, we add a little rice cereal to her solid foods.

Next, you will pour the pureed carrots into one of the ice cube trays as pictured.    Smooth food with a spatula until each compartment is covered evently and you can see the dividing lines.  Then cover with the lid (or you can use seran wrap if using normal ice cube trays).  And freeze!  One bag of frozen carrots makes 24 servings, or two ice cube trays full. 

Freeze overnight, then remove and separate into individual servings, repackage and return to freezer!

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  1. Very good! I like the rice cereal idea. Very clever!