Thursday, May 13, 2010

Cloth Diaper Update

Well, after my mom (who was unwilling to cloth diaper) watched Evelyn last month, switching back to cloth has been very difficult. I have managed to get her back in them in the mornings when we are at home, but I'm finding it really difficult to be motivated to keep doing it when I feel like I have no support. All I hear is negative comments from people about cloth diapering. I know the research shows that it's good.

I'm trying to continue, but it's much more difficult when I am by myself. The first months Matt was home a lot and my mom was there to help, but now it's just me.

Ugh, maybe I'll make myself motivational posters and put them up around the house....


  1. Your saving money and landfills. You know this is the best thing! A mom's life isn't easy... you know what too! Stay with it. She'll readjust!

  2. If you want, you can talk to my friend Amanda. She's into all the stuff you are for babies and then some. I'm pretty sure she's still doing cloth diapers. And she's VERY good at giving support especially for the things she champions!