Thursday, May 20, 2010

Is She Really?....Ugh. That is disgusting!

You know how it goes.  You see some lady standing or sitting out in public with a blanket over one shoulder.  You think "weird."  Then you see little feet sticking out of one end of that blanket.  Oh.  She's holding a baby.  That's nice.  And then it happens.  Whether you can hear gulping and sucking noises or you suddenly recognize where that babies head must be, you know.  That.  Woman.  Is. Breastfeeding.  In public!  Omg!  It's so unsanitary....

Ok.  Really?  Where would you like me to nurse?  The bathroom?  Do you eat in the bathroom?  Screw off!
I would just like to say that it took me 4 months to work up the guts to nurse in public thanks to people who go through the thought process above.  Now that I've finally stopped freaking out about it, my life is so much better!  Want to go out to eat?  Totally!  And I won't worry about whether or not Evelyn might get hungry because I can feed her there!  It's wonderful!  I don't have to drag a pump, bottle, etc. with me all the time!  I just need a little blanket!

Places I have now nursed in public:
The Tulsa Zoo
Pei Wei
I-40 Arkansas Welcome Center
Cherokee Nation Travel Center

and my list will keep growing.

I'm not trying to offend people.  I'm feeding my baby.  It's covered up, it's a natural bodily function, and I'm gonna keep doing it.  We need to change our attitude about breastfeeding, especially men's attitudes.  Maybe then fewer women will feel so self conscious.


  1. I agree with you! The whole time I breastfed, I felt so self conscious like you did, and for what!? To have to go hold up in a bathroom stall to feel like I'm not bothering anyone. It's just plain dumb. More power to you sister! You're an inspiration!

  2. I don't know why but the I'40 Welcome center made me LOL. I guess it was just random looking.
    I never had the guts to nurse in public except once. Granted my baby hated having a blanket on him so I never knew when he would pull the blanket off and leave my boob out in the open.

  3. Really, after I had the guts to do it at Pei Wei it's been easy. Evelyn isn't a huge fan of a blanket either, but I figure if it flies off, oh well. No major issues yet.

  4. lol loved this. i'm totally pro breast-feeding, i donj't know why it freaks people out so bad. the only time it ever bothers me is when it's minus the blanket. i know it's natural, we all have boobs, but it's still a little disconcerting to see one.

    lol oh and that time the mom at my work was breastfeeding, minus blanket, and drinkiing a beer at the same time, in a smoky bar. that's concerning too.