Saturday, May 15, 2010

Herb Garden Beginnings!

Ok, officially started my herb garden today after buying 3 potted herbs at the market. Today's purchases:

Chocolate Mint: a mint plant I plan on using for teas and maybe stuffed peppers
Spearmint: great in water during the summer to cool off, for colds and allergies, and for making tea.
Chamomile: Aromatherapy scent as well as a good cough suppresant if you are looking for a calming tea.

I still want to expand to include other medicinal herbs and delicious herbs (lemongrass!) as well as some commonly used kitchen herbs. Definitely need some cilantro!

Any ideas out there on good additions to my tiny upstart?


  1. I hear Mint is basically a weed, so make sure it's separate from other things or else it'll take over your garden.

  2. Thanks for the tip! I'm thinking about planting my tea herbs in big tea cups...cuz it's funny.

  3. I like the tea cup idea! And mint spreads really easily! However it is great to keep bugs away!