Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Puree le peas!

Well, here's to throwing away the parenting handbook and listening to your baby!

Evelyn is supposed to eat one meal a day. Yeah, right. She's constantly going after food, so we switched to two meals a day. Guess what! She sleeps 6 to 7 hours every night now instead of waking up hungry every 4. Good call? I think yes. So, she is now eating sweet potatoes and rice cereal, but it's time to introduce a new food.

GO PEAS! Peas aren't in season yet (not much is) so I bought them frozen. One bag of frozen peas, boiled, pureed in a blender and poured into containers!

Evelyn watched me make them and when I started pouring the pea paste into the ice cube containers, she started SCREAMING! So, I got a spoon and let her taste some of it.

Verdict = Peas are freaking delicious.

Peas contain the vitamins and minerals that sweet potatoes lack so between the two Evelyn is getting a much more balanced diet. We'll do squash next and then start fruits. Veggies first!

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  1. Yeah for balanced diet, child who learns to eat veggies, and most importantly SLEEP!!!