Sunday, July 3, 2011

Love, Love, Love

Lately, I’ve just been feeling so in love

Love with my husband, a man I respect, who listens with compassion and treats me with respect and consideration regardless of how ridiculous my mood swings might be.  Who believes in his convictions and is my partner in all things.

Love with my daughter, who grows into her own little lady more and more each day – who sings when she gets to ride the tractor – wraps herself in her blanket-cape – bosses around the dog – and always asks me “you okay?” if I look down.

Love with my family – who may be crazy and high maintenance, but will always be a system of support and strength for me – where I feel safe, and will always find entertainment.

Love with our little boy – who slowly moves and stretches, reminding me he is growing and growing and through his gentle movements, tells us that he is the very compliment to our daughter - We are all excited to know you are coming Rowan -

Love with the past our little family has at together.

Love with the present – and the joy we find in each other.

Love with the future – and all of the adventures and happiness it holds.


  1. Rowan. what an absolutely amazing name. what will his middle be? i'm in LOVE with the name already.
    cannot wait to see you this week lady.
    i am so unbelievably happy for you and your lovely life.

  2. We are still debating on middle names. Little Bird didn't get her middle name until two weeks before she was born. We try to let our middle names have something to do with their personality. If there was a middle name that meant "fetus who does tae chi" then it'd be Rowan's!