Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Going Through Clothing - Again

Nothing seems more wasteful to me than all the clothing sitting in a house no one wears.  So I decided today was a good time for a clean out.

Donated unused clothing is a great way to help someone in need and give you some simplicity to your closet.

Get rid of what you don’t wear (you’re never going to wear it…let it go) and store what you won’t wear until next season or until you have your next child.  Labeling boxes clearly and storing them where you can see the label is the best way to make sure you pull them out and use them again.

So off to the clean out for us- 

Now that we know our little expected one is a boy – bye bye all of the gender specific clothing we saved from Little Bird – it is off to Goodwill!  Hello all those outfits we bought for Little Bird that are in gender neutral colors so Rowan can wear them!  Time to air out and inventory what we have and what we need.

Now that my slowly but surely growing bump has made me no longer comfortable in some of my skimpier items or tighter clothes, hello storage for those – and welcome back my “maternity” clothing.

Now if I could just wave some magic wand so Doc didn’t actually need to change clothes 3 times a day…our wardrobe would seem so much simpler.

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