Sunday, July 17, 2011

Day 4–Bear Lake Trail, Smores, and Sunset

IMG_2557Out of respect for hygiene, we went into Estes Park to use the showers a Dad’s Laundry in town.  While there, we did some laundry to get rid of all the food smell on Little Bird’s clothing (so as to keep bears away) and did some shopping at the grocery store for take along meals.  By the time we made it back into the park and up to Bear Lake Trailhead, it was IMG_2582already lunch time!  Little Bird and I climbed onto some nice cozy rocks to eat our sandwiches.


Bear Lake is a nice easy trail to walk around.  IMG_2590


The entire lake is actually handicap accessible, and from here you can head up on a 5 mile hike to see other beautiful lakes, and even take the adventurous 11 mile hike Doc and I braved 4 years ago when we were last up here. 






I hiked the Lake, while Little Bird hiked some, but did receive a little bit of assistance from a very willing Grandpa.  We saw lots of birds, fish, and of course, chipmunks and ground squirrels.







After all that excitement, Little Bird was fully ready for a nap.





Later that evening, we made smores at the campsite.




Then it was off to see the animals that come out at sunset! (No, she didn’t really get to ride here, but the idea sure excited her!)







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  1. LOVE the pictures! Especially the one of you and Evelyn on the rock together :)