Saturday, July 23, 2011


The last few days have been emotionally very difficult.  Many of you know that Doc and I experienced a miscarriage with our first pregnancy.  At that time in our life, we did not have family nearby who could offer support.  Our friends did not understand the weight losing a child could hold.  When we first received news about our son, I never expected to have such a different experience.

We have been so grateful for the overwhelming promises of support and outpouring of encouragement and love from friends and family.  All of your calls – flowers you sent – trips you are planning to be with us – scheduling to be here for us in December and March when we will need it – it has been the most heartwarming, comforting, and humbling thing I have ever experienced.

You are giving us the strength we need to get past the heartache and move into the place of preparing, finding peace, and believing that despite how hard the coming year will be, we will not be alone.

Thank you.  You have no idea what this has meant.

For those of you who have been asking what you can do now – we need the encouragement you have given, and often – so please, keep it up.  We need the reminders that you will be here and we will not be alone.  We need the diversions of visits or invitations to remind ourselves that life can still be normal-ish.  And if you know anyone who has had a child go through something similar, we’d like to hear their stories.

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