Saturday, July 23, 2011

Day 5–Mommy and Little Bird’s Day Out

Even though we were really loving our time with my family, with me being pregnant, driving up into the really high altitudes wasn’t a good idea for us – and it’s a really fun trip for the rest of the family.  So Little Bird and I decided to spend the day – just the two of us.

We got up early and drove into downtown Estes Park.  Estes Park is a beautiful little town right outside Rocky Mountain National Park.  Their downtown area is full of little shops, creameries, chocolatiers, cafes, art dealers, etc.  We walked and looked in shop windows.  Little Bird loved the Native American art shops the most.  She loved some of the ornate bead work.IMG_2664

We stopped in a souvenir shop and bought a fleece a few sizes bigger than the one Little Bird wore this trip so she’ll have one for winter and our son can wear her old one.  They’ll match!  She also picked out a little orange and brown onesie with a moose on it for her little brother.  She told me “for a baby'” and carried it around the store until it was time to go.  She was very excited, and definitely knew it wasn’t for her.

IMG_2661Then we stopped at a chocolatier and bought a few little treats.  We sat on a bench to eat them together.



After that, we were ready to head back up into the mountains.  Trail Ridge Road goes all the way along the spiny ridges that separate the eastern and western sides of the park. 


IMG_2666We drove up to the first stopping point to see Pika, Chipmunks, Birds, and Marmots.  Then, we drove back to camp for naptime.  When Little Bird and I woke up, we explored the rocks and meadows near our camp, learning words, feeling the textures of our environment, and just enjoying our alone time.

It was a wonderful end to a fantastic trip.



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