Thursday, December 23, 2010

Tulsa Winterfest




Yesterday, Doc and I went on a day date!  Doc and I have to make some big decisions soon about where we want to live for the next three years during his residency after he graduates in May.  All of that stress had been adding up, so we let Little Bird spend some quality time with her Aunts and Grandma and then we went to blow off some steam.  We enjoyed a quick lunch and then headed to downtown Tulsa near the BOK Center for Winterfest 2010.  Winterfest is an Ice Rink, food booth, and about 3 carnival rides set up downtown for families to enjoy during the holiday season.



Doc had never been ice skating before and it has been well over five years since the last time I put on a pair of skates.  But we bravely laced ‘em up and headed onto the ice!

Surprisingly, neither one of us fell even one time!  Part of this might have been because it IMG_1266took Doc a good half hour to really let go of the edge.  Notice how he tries to hide it by putting his hand in his pocket in this picture!  After he realized his skates just didn’t fit right and got a different size, it was smoother sailing.

In all honesty though, he did awesome!  We held hands and skated sloppily around the rink.  In no way did we look all “in sync” and graceful.  We probably looked like a couple of really big dorks – so it’s great that we were true to ourselves Winking smile

It was definitely a great way to get out and have some fun as a couple.  I love doing stuff that you can’t take too seriously.  We ran into a student of mine who was out with her friends and watched several groups of kids with very hesitant looking adults brave the ice as well.  It was cold, but the warming tent was awesome.

For your own humor, feel free to view these videos of us “skating”.


  1. aww elle you look so cute in your coat and scarf! Red looks beautiful on you! I'm glad you two got to go out for something other than dinner and a movie. Way to break the mold :)

  2. Oh I was cracking up at those videos! I went last night :)