Saturday, December 18, 2010

Saw the Baby do it Bingo

This game was suggested to me by a co-worker of mine.  You can create your own custom bingo cards from Print-Bingo!  I use this website to make BINGO games for my students in Social Studies.  We have Explorer bingo and will be starting Revolutionary War Bingo soon too!  It randomly generates 20 bingo cards based on word lists you provide!  So I was able to make a set for Little Bird’s birthday party that had 24 actions on them.


Everytime anyone saw her do one of the actions, they could mark it off their card.  The winner got to help Evelyn open her presents!

The actions I used were:

  1. Smiles
  2. Claps
  3. Runs
  4. Hugs you
  5. Nods yes
  6. Shakes her head no
  7. Crawls
  8. Tries to kiss someone
  9. Rubs food in her hair
  10. Coughs
  11. Bites her thumb
  12. Sticks her tongue out
  13. Gets snot on someone’s shirt
  14. Yawns
  15. Sneezes
  16. Waves
  17. Dances
  18. Carries around cloth
  19. Throws a ball

All in all, a pretty neat and successful ordeal!

Congrats to Grandpa Clint for winning with “Shakes her head no!”

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