Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Spick, Span, Done!

How to keep your house clean…all the time

Ok.  I am that kid who shoved everything in the closet and under the bed and called the room clean.  My drawers were always overflowing and wouldn’t shut.  My clothing wasn’t folded because I just stuffed it in the drawer.  I lost homework assignments.  I was chaos.

Now, my family’s home has remained clean for a full week.

I finally think I have figured out what was wrong with how I was trying to do it.  The way of organizing didn’t make sense to me.  Socks go here…underwear goes there…

It’s just not how my head works.

So I made a few major changes.

1.) Get rid of your extra stuff.  Donate to goodwill, sell on Craig’s list, trash, gift to family, etc.  Get rid of everything you haven’t used in a year.

2.) If you really don’t want to let go of something you haven’t used in a year, store it.  Really store it – like attic, outdoor storage, etc. 

3.) Assign a place for everything that makes sense to you.  Utilize containers where you can. For example, all my make up is in a basket, that goes up on a shelf in the closet.  I pull it out, use it, put it back.  The basket has a home and my make up isn’t sprawled across the counter tops.

4.) Make your home beautiful.  If you know your home has the potential to be a beautiful haven for you, you are more likely to keep it clean.  Bare walls or sterile environments make me anxious, so I’d rather add clutter than be able to focus on the barrenness of a home that is not “decorated”.


Those changes have turned my cleaning habits around.  There should never be a room I can’t clean in 5 minutes.

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  1. i agree aboute beautiful haven!! I really only enjoy our house when its picked up and has space. Our furniture takes up enough space without us cluttering the room! I'm glad you've found a way to be able to de-stress at home! Miss you friend!