Thursday, June 24, 2010

Welcome to the Clan Mrs. O’Leary

So I went out to water my plants this morning.  I have a Black-Eyed Susan vine that I am in love with.  I have to water it almost constantly to keep it alive, but it’s beautiful.  So out I go to water when I come eye to eye with Mrs. O’Leary.  That’s right.  This isIMG_1646 what I saw. In my hanging basket, a pigeon I have named Mrs. O’Leary was just hanging out, not flying away.  So I had a thought.  I ran inside to get my camera, scared her away and shot this picture to see what was inside the potted plant. 




You guessed it!  Mrs. O’Leary is expecting.  So now, I cannot water my vine.  Water will mess up that egg.  NOT OKAY.  So the plant is sacrificed for Mrs. O’Leary’s baby bump.


  1. :) Well I'm very happy for the pigeon! Is there anyway you can save your plant later?

  2. I managed to water around it yesterday while Mrs. O'Leary was out. Hopefully I can continue to do that. She now has two eggs to sit on! Yay dove family!

  3. lol i love you and mrs. o leary. :) i am glad i got to be on the phone when you discovered the o leary children.